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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Rockstar's Daughter

Having a famous dad can get you a long way in this life. What I want to know is what the attraction is to these (usually) attitude-ridden spoiled brats that make them A-list material in their own right.

Lily Allen and Norah Jones are obvious choices who have gone on to enjoy great success in music after taking inspiration from their famous fathers. Stella Mccartney is of course the original famous-dad-famous-daughter fashionista, and it’s not surprising that she did so well in the industry given that she had Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and  Yasmin Le Bon walk for her at her fashion graduation show from Central St Martins. She may well have been the first of the musician’s- daughter-makes-name-in-fashion trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment.  

More recently Daisy Lowe (paternity controversy aside) has become a huge name in fashion thanks to her famous heritage. She is certainly the top of her game now- having modelled for Chanel, and being a muse of Karl Lagerfeld himself is no mean feat before your 23rd birthday, not to mention a fleeting yet very high-profile romantic involvement with Mark Ronson.
Peaches Geldof is another who seems to be famous for being famous and had carved out a very successful modelling and journalism career as a result of her growing up in the spotlight thanks to her uberstar father. 

It’s no secret that the world of fashion isn’t exactly the friendliest of industries. If you want your clients to give you gold stars every time you manage to complete a task, become a primary school teacher. But there’s something about the allure and attitude of the fashion industry that makes people come back begging for more. Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld are never going to win any awards for being the most amicable of employers, yet they seem to command more adoration than any pure-hearted do-gooder ever could. This is because the world of fashion isn’t about smiles and puppies in the snow; it’s all sultry eyes and cut-throat nonchalance, and who better to represent this look than the sultry-eyed party girl daughter of a rockstar?

There’s something about being the daughter of a famous frontman or rock legend that demands a certain edginess of style and fierce public persona of effortless coolness, just like daddy. This, along with their contacts list longer than the runway at Milan Fashion Week, means they don’t have to try as hard as most to get recognised. The very nature of the fashion industry: sultry, sexy, effortless and oozing confidence is the perfect match to the daughters of the rock generation.         

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas shopping- it's a wrap!

This week I attempted some kind of Christmas shopping-type scenario but I seemed to drift away from the task in hand and end up looking at stuff for myself. Why do other people have to be so fussy? Just because Great Aunt Hilda doesn't fully appreciate Urban Outfitters' A/W11 line, doesn't mean I have to suffer, right? 

I suppose this is the season of giving and goodwill after all, and to those amongst us (myself included) who find that the rest of the year shopping just isn't much of a challenge, then this time of year does add an interesting twist to an otherwise blissful retail therapy routine. We end up in electrical stores being corralled into buying extended warranties we never knew we needed, as well as the unspoken acknowledgement that this is the only time that it is ever socially acceptable to be seen in Argos.  

Bearing this in mind, here is my checklist of 5 ways to have a successful Christmas shopping experience:

1) Avoid novelty items. Always. 
               That grow-your-own-girlfriend for your brother may have seemed hilarious when you were buying it, and may well give a few laughs at unwrapping time on christmas day, but we all know (and hope) he will  never actually use it and it will be banished to the back of the cupboard for the rest of eternity. Keep it tasteful.

2) Do as much as you can online. 
               Ridiculous queues, aching feet, screaming kids (other people's), a fashion nightmare (how on earth you're supposed to dress for the arctic weather and not melt to death in the tropical heating conditions of the shops is beyond me) and fighting for the last copy of the Downtown Abbey boxset- versus sofa, laptop, a cup of tea and Wham in the background is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to making those essential purchases. 

3) Give yourself a little treat to boost morale.
               It is the season for it after all. And I'm no killjoy. Festive lattes and Christmas sandwiches soften the blow somewhat if you do have to take to the streets to make your purchases. And if you are shopping online, there's no law against adding a little something for yourself to your basket. You do need to be looking your best after all.

4) A little ribbon goes a long way.
               No one likes a shoddily wrapped christmas present. Buy a couple of balls of foil ribbon (silver is the classiest and works best) to add the finishing touch to your gifts. You went to all that effort of choosing and buying them, you might as well make them look nice. The most mundane of presents seem that bit more magical when they look pretty. At Christmastime, all that glitters is gold. 

5) Take heed from the little boy in the John Lewis advert. 
               Don't settle for second best just because you're tired or the shops shut soon. Think of the face of the little boy on Christmas morning when he goes to give his parents their present and you'll remember how good it feels when you hand somebody something you know they will just love. That is what this season is all about.