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Monday, 23 January 2012

curve your enthusiasm

So my 'thing' this week is Mad Men. What's not to love? 1960s high society, fashion, glamour and social commentary. The men are sexist and powerful, the women are gorgeous and bitchy. One of the reasons I started watching was to see what all the fuss was about regarding two of the lead actresses, January Jones and Christina Hendricks. I now understand. For me, they both epitomise unprecedented beauty, and it got me to thinking about this word that is thrown about all over the place by the media: 'curvy.' 

Used most commonly when they want to call someone fat without actually saying the word; the word curvy seems to be some kind of media code to hint that someone isn't of the usual skeletal proportions we are used to seeing in high fashion. But why? just because someone has curves in the appropriate places, doesn't mean that they are any larger than average; likewise you can see a 'plus-sizer' who seems to be completely straight up-and-down. I hope these guys can help illustrate my point:

Likewise everyone's favourite princess's sister and bottom-in-waiting...
 This is the woman of the hour, and with curves like that, you can see why, but in a recent interview for The Guardian  she said that she was told to lose weight for a role, to which she politely pointed out that she is already a UK size 8, and she can't help her shape...

 And on the flipside we have the undeniably gorgeous Sara Ramirez, who is a larger dress size than one usually sees in Hollywood, but doesn't particularly fit the description of 'curvy' in its literal sense.  

One hears a lot in the media of celebrities who endorse being 'proud of your curves' and a positive self-image, but I fail to understand why anyone would ever be ashamed of their curves? I can see why someone might feel insecure if they were bigger than they would like to be, but not curvier. They are two different things, and it is completely beyond be why these two terms are used interchangeably. Being big and being curvy are not  the same thing. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Who's that girl? who's that girl? It's Jess!

Sooo, I might be slightly late to this party, but I've just discovered New Girl and I'm now totally in love with Zooey Deschanel. Her character's (Jess) clothes suit her personality perfectly and she always looks amazing.

On a side note to this, it got me thinking...has Zooey Deschanel ever been seen in the same room as our beloved pop princess Katy Perry? The similarities are uncanny, not to mention the fact that they have both recently announced that they are filing for divorce from their famous husbands. Take a look for yourself:


Friday, 6 January 2012

raindrops keep falling on my head...

So... it's a brand new year, and dragged along in the wake of brand new years come resolutions, disappointments, revelations and new calendars. I am in the fortunate position this year to be in possession of Vogue 2012, and January looks a little like this:

Given the weather this week, this picture is really rather fitting, so I am going to spend the next 27 minutes telling you about how to maintain a little dignity and style during wet and windy conditions. The first things to remember here are the basics: umbrella, boots. Without these, you can kiss goodbye to any attempt to look presentable on a rainy day. Umbrellas are nifty little things, which when accessorized with correctly are a cheeky little item in one's proverbial style toolbox. Avoid old-lady compacts, however, and go all out with a lovely domed number teamed with leather gloves and you're already onto a winner. 

Boots are a trickier matter, which really are down to personal preference, but I am a full supporter of a pair of flat, brown ankle boots, and if one (tragically) has to commit to only one type of boot, this would be the one I would go for. I bit of sock poking out, jeans tucked in, or bare legged with a dress, this is the boot which will cover all bases. On a rainy day, whack on these beauties and you've got yourself a winning outfit.

 If you're a lady fortunate enough to justify owning a second pair, this is where one should move into knee-high territory, and not a moment sooner. The leather knee high boot is a style classic, but falls into the same category as checked shirts and denim skirts; be careful what you wear them with. Mini skirts with knee high boots are a major no-no unless you want to attract the wrong kind of attention. The classiest and most tasteful way to wear the knee high boot is with super skinnies or leggings. Think layers. That is the only way you can pull off knee high boots, and when they're worn right, it's very, very right.  

To complete the look when you're braving the rain wear a wool coat, preferably something in tweed or dogtooth (and always well-fitting) a classic beret and peaches-and-cream, classic vogue make-up. Voila! There you have the perfect combination of weather-proofing and effortless allure. Bon chance!