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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kerry Washington- Queen of Everything

This weekend I finally got to see Django Unchained (best film EVER btw, I could talk all day about how incredible it is) and those of you that know me will know that 90% of my film selection process is based on who the female lead actress is. Pretentious film-douches will cringe at this statement but sue me, I have a great respect for a few different actresses and like to make a habit of seeing those actresses in as many things as possible. A lot of girls I know will make a habit of seeing particular male actors in everything that they do, so I'm just the same really apart from I'm more of an admirer of the ladies. I just really enjoy well-written, well-acted and yes, pretty female characters and often find them not only relatable, but inspiring, thought-provoking or just plain funny.

One lady who is very much on my radar at the moment is a certain Kerry Washington. I first came across her in a little show called Scandal which premiered last year and is currently on its second season, in which Washington is the lead as 'crisis manager' Olivia Pope of Olivia Pope & Associates. She is the the suavest (is that a word?), most together, strong and powerful woman in Washington DC, dealing with the personal lives of those in the White House and DC's most high-profile characters. Washington's character in this role has the world at her fingertips and immeasurable power and influence over some of the US's most powerful people. She is cool and distant and doesn't so much as flinch at any scandal which comes her way.

Now imagine the absolute polar opposite circumstances to those that I just described and that is Washington's character in Django Unchained. A slave (the film is pre-civil war) who was married to the film's titular Django (Jamie Foxx) who suffers brutal treatment at the hands of her owners and is sold and separated from her husband, Washington's full acting range becomes apparent.

 Her ability to one day make us believe that she is capable of rigging the US election and the next show us how it feels to be helpless at the hands of a plantation owner in the antebellum era is astonishing. The commitment and determination that she brings to these roles really demonstrate not only her unparalleled acting ability but also her strength and poise as a person. She is fiercely dedicated to equal rights and was an active party in helping to get Obama re-elected, as well as absolutely downright bloody gorgeous, which means that this girl is only going to go from strength to strength.   

From what we've seen so far, I think the lil' troublemaker (Django reference) is here to stay. 

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